Our services are carefully tailored towards achieving the objectives of the organization – business development, employment generation and wealth creation. We leverage the huge benefits provided through the collaborative platform to provide valuable tools for individuals to create their own lives and improve their communities.

Investment Portfolio

We offer through our investment portfolio an opportunity for persons to be a part of our diversified investment created through our cooperative framework thereby creating, preserving and multiplying wealth for our members. The scheme is specially focused on individual capabilities while harnessing the strength inherent in synergy fostered by the Network.

Human Capacity Development

Our development programmes such as Open Forum, Business Development Initiative and Global Investment Strategy is facilitated for training, mentoring, knowledge transfer, networking, and skill acquisition to enhance capacity building, productivity, empowerment and influence.

Business Development

We initiate, promote and support business initiatives and entrepreneurship through carefully thought out strategies as personalized advisory service, business development programme, equity participation or credit financing, human resources and stimulating excellent service culture.

Portfolio Management

We facilitate and manage business portfolios in the various economic sectors, based on the prospected business development opportunities…

Business Development

We initiate, promote and support business and enterprise development initiatives. However, our primary focus for developing or supporting…

Capacity Development

We hosts and facilitate trainings, capacity building sessions, networking and mentoring programmes; and at other times offer training…

Business Support

We provide support services to businesses, particularly start-ups to enhance their business productivity while minimizing their costs. Some of…

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