Corporate Profile

NETPLAT Nigeria Limited is a business development and management outfit focused on employing the cooperative framework to facilitate community, enterprise development, wealth creation and nation building. We leverage on the cooperative structure to promote investment and business enterprises, to generate employment opportunities, enhance the socio-economic lives of our members and contribute to the overall growth of our community and nation. We actively explore opportunities in areas of agriculture, transportation, financing, information technology, education, publishing, health, real estate, and manufacturing.

Our goal is to foster synergy through cordial, healthy and mutually beneficial relationships; facilitate a business enterprise network, thereby creating a niche in the world of business; and contributing to the improvement of the socio-economic lives of members, as well as society.

Our drive to create, preserve and multiply wealth for our members and clients is reflected in the quality of our offerings in terms of innovation, convenience and specialized focus on individual capabilities and capacities while harnessing the opportunities in the synergy fostered by the network. This is reflected in the initiatives launched by the company – the Enterprise Cooperative Development, a cooperative community for business development, employment generation and wealth creation; the City Farmers Scheme, an agricultural empowerment project; and the Young Enterprise Forum, an enterprise empowerment platform for young people based on the principle of synergy.

These initiatives not only provide a means to create wealth for clients and stakeholders, but are targeted at meeting and improving the socio-economic status of the community.

Our strategic plan is characterized by the three-fold process of enlightening, equipping, and establishing.

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