Capacity Development

We hosts and facilitate trainings, capacity building sessions, networking and mentoring programmes; and at other times offer training recommendations. Our capacity development programmes is intended for training, mentoring, knowledge transfer, networking, and skill acquisition relevant for today’s world of business.

We also facilitate workshops, dialogues, experience exchange, syndicated sessions, and business partnerships with a community of inter-disciplinary, values driven professionals and organisations.

Open Forum

Open Forum is a converging point where in-depth and focused information on the most salient issues on business and investments are discussed. The aim is to promote enlightenment, information sharing and networking. Through the Forum prospects are signed up into the various platforms of the organisation as collaborators, investors, mentors, and partners either on individual, or corporate basis.

Business Development Initiative

Our Business Development Initiative is a Forum for our entrepreneurs and business owners. They are exposed to the various rudiments and phases of business development – pioneering the business through to making it a world class outfit. They are tutored in such areas as idea generation, business plan writing, market analysis, team building, networking and strategic alliance, leadership and administration, finance management, branding, marketing, product development, business legal framework, business evaluation, corporate social responsibility, and such other areas that would enhance viable business development.

This Forum would expose participants to entrepreneurial opportunities; equip them in starting a business and ensuring sustainable growth of such business to a world class status.

Global Investment Strategy

Our Global Investment Strategy opens our members and stakeholders to investment opportunities in the organisation, communities and around the world. They are intimated of various investment explorations of the organisation across the globe. Of importance in this Forum is the collaborative effort of members and stakeholders to actualize the investment objectives of the organisation which in turn would be of immense benefit to them.

The Forum would also provide a platform for our members and stakeholders to relate and network with investors across the globe.

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